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Please consider

  • Please only send on color per product. If you product is available in multiple coors, please send them as seperate data sets.
  • In case you offer multiple variants (e.g. different colours, materials, styles) for the same product, please send them as different products with the same stylekey.
  • Product images must not contain watermarks or the like. In addition, a product image with white background is required for each product. If multiple images are provided please ensure that the image with the white background is always in the same column.
  • Please use '|' as seperator (see example feed)
  • Sub categories can be specified with '>' (see example feed).
  • Please also let us know how frequent your product feed will be updated
  • The feed has to be available only and must not be password protected
Feed Specification Excel

Feed specification

This element specifies, if the product is targeting male or female audience. Valid values are 'male' and 'female'

This element contains the product name.

  • We recommend to specify the material, the color and further variant information
  • The name should not contain irrelevant or shop related information (e.g. free delivery / return).

This element contains the product description.

  • The description contains additional, more detailed information about the product
  • In the description you can provide more detailed material, design related or other relevant information.

This field contains an even more detailed and specific description of the product

The deepling / url is required, to redirect the users to your shop. Please ensure that the product and the related link are correct. In addition, please ensure that the link contains an unique source identifier for our portal.

This field contains the child product number. This number should be unique across your whole product portfolio (including produccts not listed any more)

This field contains the EAN of the product

This field contains the number of available products in your shop. In case there is no limit on available products, please provide 0; In case a product is not available any more please do not send it in the feed.

The parent-product-number is required to identify different varitants of a product

  • In case your shop offers a product in different variants (e.g. different color, different style) we require a seperate data record for each variant.
  • In order to identify products belonging together, we need a common identifier, the parent-product-number.
  • The parent-product-numbershould be unique across your product portfolio, i.e. the parent-product-number of products not listed any more should not be re-used for new products.

The field contains the brand of the product.

This field contains a url to a product image of the product.

Product pictures must not contain watermarks or the like.

In case you want to provide more then one product image, please send additional fields with the title ImageUrl{-number}, e.g. ImageUrl-1, ImageUrl-2 in the feed.


This field contains the category of the product

  • For the best possible categorization we recommend to use the categorization of our portals
  • In case you can not use the categorization of our portals, the mapping from the provided to categories to our categories will be executed by us. To ensure a proper mapping, please use a speaking name (i.e. no identifier or the like)
  • Sub categories can be specified with '>' (see example feed)

This field contains the (gross) price of the product.

Please use point as decimal seperator (see example field)


This field contains the color of the product.

  • In case the product contains multiple colors, please use the dominant color in the product record.
  • If none of the colors is dominant, please state 'multicolor' as the product color.

This field contains a list with available sized of the product. Please provide the sizes comma separated.

This field specifies, if a product is stong demanded in your shop currently. Please provide 0 (no strong demand) or 1 (strong demand).


Example feed


Gender|ProductName| ProductDescription |Deeplink|Child-Product-Number| ProductQuantity |Parent-Product-Number|BrandName|ImageUrl |ProductCategory| Price|Color |AvailableSizes|BestPerformer


male|Schwarzer Pullover|Ein schwarzer Pullover für die kalte Jahreszeit | |2220520| 75|ab23z|ProduktMarke| prdimg/2220520.jpg| Damen > Pullover| 56.99|blue|36,38,42|1

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Feed Specification Excel