About us

Many of our projects mostly started out as little ordinary blogs. Over time, these blogs and websites have developed into high-reach pages and channels for our users and communities. For our users and communities we are always looking for the most interesting content, useful gadgets and great fashion bargains that regularly brighten our users' day and offer them great added value. Our success depends on our communities and our huge social media reach in our (advertising) and partner networks. That's why we work with full passion, ambition and lots of fun to maintain and promote our communities. Our projects are constantly being further developed and by no means finished - but rather continuously adapted, improved and further developed according to the wishes of our users.

About us Nexgeon

Our mission' We want to make the online world even more exciting and develop valuable communities and content for our users to inspire them! When we find people, who have a similar enthusiasm for the online world and can do real cool things, then we try our best to integrate them and their ideas into ours company.